Ellen's Story


When Ellen’s husband, Mike, needed memory care she turned to Collingswood. Read about how Collingswood helped them both.

Holding on to the things that are important.

The greatest tragedy of memory impairment is the loss of connections to the things that were always the most important -- a sense of self, time with family, enjoyment of quality moments. At Collingswood our memory care offering is a "Program of Excellence", one where we focus upon reducing the individual's stress while assuring his or her safety, helping the family cope and identifying creative ways to help connections be maintained.

While many remembrances can be more difficult to recall we know that many important recollections can be 'triggered' with the right support. Cueing by staff that enables the resident to do things for him or herself, using familiar music, foods, and smells to recall happy moments. Reducing stress by keeping routines and caregivers consistent is also important.

At Collingswood, Memory Care residents have access to:

Please reach out to us if you are a family member or friend of someone needing care.

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